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In this experiment, we are interested in how people make judgments about their own reactions.


Today, you will be playing a hypothetical game show. You will be betting on a spinning wheel. The hypothethical prizes that you will receive, as well as the chance that you win, will vary from game to game.

You will play a total of {{}} games. Please imagine playing each game as being independent and separate from every other game.

We will be asking you to rate how you feel after finding out the result of each game.

Please imagine that you are in a "fresh", new game, and do not consider any previous wheels you may have seen or the outcomes you may have hypothethically won.

You are going to spin this wheel. Imagine that you will win the amount of money shown in the section the wheel lands on (indicated by the black pointer). Please study the wheel closely: make sure you know how much you would win for each section, and how large each section is.
Click on the ``Go" button when you are ready.

You have won $ !
How do you feel? Please rate how strongly you feel for each of the following emotions:

  Happiness:     Not at all Extremely
      Sadness:       Not at all Extremely
      Anger:         Not at all Extremely
    Surprise:       Not at all Extremely

    Disgust:         Not at all Extremely
        Fear:           Not at all Extremely
Contentment:   Not at all Extremely
Disappointment: Not at all Extremely    

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