Supplemental Information for Ong, Zaki & Gruber, 2017

Repository for Ong, Zaki, & Gruber (2017; Journal of Abnormal Psychology) on cooperation in mood disorders

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Cooperation In Mood Disorders

This Github page (repository) contains materials for the following paper:

Ong, D. C., Zaki, J., & Gruber, J. (2017). Increased Cooperative Behavior across Remitted Bipolar I Disorder and Major Depression: Insights Utilizing a Behavioral Economic Trust Game. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 126(1), 1-7.

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This repository is maintained by Desmond Ong. Questions, comments, requests for clarification or replication, etc, should be directed to dco (at) cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu

Data and Experiment

The data for the Trust Game study presented in the paper is in the Analysis folder, and code for the experiment, conducted in Matlab with Psychtoolbox, is in the Experiment folder.

Analysis code

Analysis code is provided in Analysis/TrustGameAnalysis.Rmd (an R Markdown document).

The file contains all the R code necessary to replicate the analyses reported in the paper.

The R markdown file can also be neatly formatted into a nice HTML report

Supplemental Information about Inter-rater Reliability

Additional information regarding inter-rater reliability (after Gruber & Weinstock, 2018) for the current study can also be found here.