Repository for Ong, Zaki, & Goodman (CogSci 2016) in the larger "Lay theories of emotion --> behavior" project.

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Emotions in lay explanations of behavior

Repository for Shakespeare project (Lay theories of emotion –> behavior). Including Cogsci 2016.

For Cogsci 2016

This Github page (repository) contains materials for the following paper:

Ong, D. C., Zaki, J., & Goodman, N. D. (2016). Emotions in lay explanations of behavior. Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

This repository is maintained by Desmond Ong. Questions, comments, requests for clarification or replication, etc, should be directed to desmond (dot) ong (at) stanford (dot) edu

Analysis code

Analysis code is provided in cogsciAnalysis.Rmd (a R Markdown document, knitted here).

The file contains all the R code necessary to replicate the analyses reported in the paper.

Sample Experiments

A sample of our experiments is also included in the repository.

If you do finish an experiment, you’ll also see a mockup of the data that would’ve been collected, had it been running live. The complete experiments can be loaded using the following links: